Wiggins’ Use Of Banned Substances

Bradley Wiggins has been Olympic gold medalist five times and in 2012 he was the first Briton who brought home to the country by winning the Tour de France.

However, all his accolades have not kept him out of incriminating accusations of doping charges. At the time when he was participating in Tour de France he gained approval to use Triamcinolone as he was suffering from asthma and other allergies. He was given special permission to use the drugs that year as well as in the previous year’s event besides Giro d’Italia in 2013. However, rumors have arisen again about Brailsford, his boss and him who have come under scrutiny as whether their need for banned drugs was justified. It is said that the exemptions were for his therapeutic use and was approved by the relevant British authorities at that time. There is no evidence that the 36 year old broke any rules at the time he was participating in the sports actively. British Cycling has, however opened up another inquiry, this time about the use of drugs by Sir Bradley Wiggins in the period 2011.  

The institute has asked the director of medical services of English Institutes for Sports to conduct a review. This is based on rumors that a mystery package arrived for Sir Bradley in 2011 at a doctor’s office when he was not recorded to have been undergoing any treatment. He would be performing a review and will submit his report in June. He is already looking at general practices of medicine as well as physiotherapy that are prevalent now as well as before for the cycling community. This is an attempt to review the processes that exist and to understand how British Cycling can help improve the way the medical and physical training of cycling athletes are monitored.