Bradley Wiggins To Participate In Six Day London Event

Sir Bradley Wiggins seems to be all over the cycling sport news.

Not only has he been in the news as he gate crashed a time trial event and took over the top position of the race; he is also set to compete in the Rio Olympics this year. He has confirmed his participation at the Six Day London event that will be held in October. The appearance of the professional cyclist will mark his return to the Velodrome after the win that he achieved in World Championship Madison in the month of March.

He is currently training to be selected for the fifth time in the Olympic Games this year. The team that would be going for the same would probably be looking to include him this time. If he appears in the Six Day London event that would debut his participation in the event on home soil, it would also be a good practice for him after he participates in Rio. Wiggins has fond memories of the event.

He feels that he has grown up seeing Six Day events. He remembers the impact that the event has on the spectators. At the same time, riding the Velodrome is no easy achievement. It is a big deal as a cycling event in Europe. He feels that it is wonderful that it is being hosted in London this year and he would be able to be a part of it. Last year he had not been able to ride in the event. This year, however, the event’s timing is just right for him to participate. It would certainly be a great way to celebrate his win at the Olympics that he is confident of. It would be fitting to celebrate his victory on home soil by participating in the event.